Long-term interactions between water resource depletion and labor migration. A case study in Kerala

Agnes Pohle, University of Kassel

The decrease of the quantity of water as well the deterioration in the quality of water continues to be a global issue. The relation between labor migration and water ressource has attracted increasing attention since early 1990. Since the beginning of the 21st century it gathered momentum and researchers have strongly concentrated on the relationship between labor migration and water ressource management. Yet, almost all studies in the area focus on water problems as a pushing factor for out-migration, a process, which in the end might lead to reduced water usage. In contrast, the research project hypothesizes that migration will contribute to increased water resources depletion. It investigates linkages between the use of received migrants' remittances and water resources in rural areas. The research group assumes that there is indeed significant evidence that the investments of remittances promote increased water consumption via changing household behaviour.

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Presented in Session 221: Migration and codevelopment (2)