Having more than one job as a family strategy in Mexican rural contexts

Edith Pacheco, El Colegio de México
Nelson Florez, Facultad Latinoamerica de Ciencias Sociales Sede México

One of the aspects continuously mentioned in research on rural contexts concerns the combination of several economic activities. Some studies analyze the various work combinations that may occur in a household to explain forms of social and family reproduction, while others frame this discussion from the perspective of the various sources of income produced in rural families. This paper explores the issue of multi-activity by analyzing the various work itineraries an individual might pursue over a period of six months, while attempting to answer the following questions: what factors influence the type of work trajectory of farm workers, and in particular, what kinds of different family arrangements affect the type of itinerary engaged in by farm workers and do factors related to vulnerability or poverty explain the type of work itinerary?

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Presented in Session 203: Labour market, income and family strategies