Education, labor market and life quality: a quantitative approach based on Mincer Equations

Marcos Andrada, CONICET- UNLAR
Gabriela Galassi, CEA(CONICET) - FCE(UNC)

There is a long tradition surrounding the debate on the determinants of income and the correct methods to study them. Most authors agree that education is a very relevant factor. Even more, most related econometric studies have incorporated the Human Capital Theory (Becker, 1983), because it has been corroborated in many studies. This work aims at exploring the empirical relationship between wage (taking into account that income has been considered the main determinant of live standards) and education in Latin America. Following the line of most studies on the effect of education on income determination, we will estimate a Mincer Equation (1970), on the basis of Household Surveys available for Argentina and Paraguay, among others. Taking into account data availability, benchmark year is 2006.

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Presented in Session 144: Educational achievement and the labour market (2)