The international migration of women and their labor insertion: the Mexican migrants in Phoenix, Arizona

Erika Montoya Zavala, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Ofelia Woo, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

The participation of Mexican women in migratory international flows, in the period of 1995-2000, was 24.3 per cent. In Sinaloa state, female migration represents 30 % of the migratory flows of the state. The reasons and consequences of female migration are not the same as males, since women play a different role in social and economic life. Nevertheless, there is a need to know the differences in the sexual division of the labor markets and the social networks created by this division of labor. Therefore, the objetive of this article is to analyze the patterns of woman’s international migration to know the causes and analyze the processes of labour insertion that they have in the destination communities (in this case Phoenix, Arizona). In this paper we will present advances in the survey Mexican Homes in Phoenix, Arizona (547 questionnaires), made last November 2007.

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Presented in Session 112: International migration of women