Atlas of divorce and post-divorce indicators in Europe

Carles Simó, University of Valencia
Montse Solsona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Jeroen J.A. Spijker, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

A European atlas of post-divorce indicators is currently in the making that will visualise changes that have taken place in European countries in the prevalence of divorce, repartnering, new parenthood and the living arrangement trajectories that people experience after a separation or divorce with an emphasis on age, sex and cohort differences and changes over time. The data we use come from the EUROSTAT database, national statistical offices, the Integrated Public Use of Microdata Series Database and the Fertility and Family Survey. We hope to publish the atlas in late 2009. Besides presenting the geographical differences in the divorce and post-divorce indicators in the form of maps, graphs and tables – typical of a standard atlas – a description and brief interpretation of the results will also be provided.

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Presented in Session 51: Union dissolution and remarriage