Health, mortality, and longevity in China today

Judith Banister, The Conference Board

This paper on China health and mortality updates analysis of mortality levels, trends, and differentials through the 2005 by-census. Expectation of life at birth has risen further from the already-impressive level of 71 years achieved by 2000. During 2000-2005, infant and young child mortality rates declined greatly. Mortality rates continued dropping for females at all ages; maternal mortality was much reduced. Male death rates also declined in childhood and at ages 40+. But age-specific death rates rose slightly for men in the young working ages. The paper explores why. This paper also studies differentials in health status and health insurance coverage by urban or rural residence and by economic level. Poverty, inequality, and education statistics are updated; relationships with health and mortality differentials are assessed. The author discusses how China’s economy and businesses are affected by the evolving health insurance systems, changing health conditions, and mortality trends.

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Presented in Session 61: Mortality today: national and cross-national reviews